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Epolene® polymers are a line of medium to low molecular weight polyethylene waxes. Epolene® polyethylene waxes are produced on purpose to specific physical properties and are commonly used in plastic manufacturing as a processing aid, mold release agent, dispersion aid, or coupling agent.  Epolene® is also used as a base resin for hot-melt adhesives, pavement striping, and paperboard coatings or as an additive in cable filling, candles, and investment casting molds. 

Epolene® polyethylene wax range in physical properties but come in three main types: coatings (C), emulsifiable (E), and non-emulsifiable (N).  These three types offer a variety of molecular weights allowing for complete control over viscosity, gloss, color retention, and set time.  Most grades also meet FDA requirements for indirect food contact applications  

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