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Lithium Fluoride Tech

Lithium Fluoride is an electrolyte salt used in various industrial applications and contains a minimum 98.5% wt% of active ingredient.


100lb Drum



Product Overview

Lithium fluoride is most widely used as a flux in the production of ceramics, such as enamels, glasses and glazes. Similarly it is also used in brazing and welding fluxes and molten salt chemistry in metallurgy.


Powerful flux in enamels, glasses and glazers, ingredient in brazing and welding fluxes, molten salt chemistry and metallurgy, and heat sink material.

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Livent Lithium Specialty Inorganics

Livent lithium specialty inorganics include a variety of high-purity, specialty lithium-based salts designed for niche applications such as molten salt chemistry and metallurgy, glass manufacturing, and photographic chemistry. Some function as catalysts in chemical reactions, oxidizing agents in reduction chemistry, fluxes in welding, curing agents, and as tracers in water treatment.

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