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Lithium Carbonate ACS Grade

Lithium Carbonate ACS grade is an additive in specialty glasses and ceramics that meets ACS reagent grade specifciations and contains a minimum of 99% lithium carbonate by weight.


220.5lb Drum



Product Overview

Lithium carbonate ACS and Tech grades are free-flowing, odorless white powders with a relatively fine particle size and a minimum of 99% active by weight

Product Specifications

Molecular weight 73.89 
Density @ 20°C 2.094 g/cm3
Melting point 720°C
Specific heat @ 25°C 0.315 cal/g/°C
Standard heat of formation -290.64 kcal/mole Heat of fusion 10.7 kcal/mole
Water solubility @ 20°C 1.3 wt%
Primary Chemistry: Lithium Carbonate

Features & Benefits

Lowers melting point of glass and enamel formulations
Lowers viscosity of glass and enamel formulations
Decreases the coefficient of thermal expansion of glass and ceramics


Additive in specialty glasses and low expansion ceramics

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Livent Lithium Carbonate

Livent lithium carbonate lowers the melting point of electrode fluxes in welding rods and the surface tension between the slag and base materia and is used as a flux to aid the melting of other components and helping to control expansion.

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