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Molykote™ G-N Metal Assembly Spray

The same as G-N Metal Assembly Paste except that it is in aerosol form.


12ea Can



Product Overview

Ideal for a variety of applications due to it's multi-purpose nature, this heavy duty aerosol paste is easy to apply even in tight spaces. It supports the prevention of galling during run-in, extends lifetime of parts, and protects against fretting wear and corrosion

Product Specifications

Product Type:	Anti-Seize Paste ; Dispersion & Aerosol
Chemistry: Mineral Oil
Solid Lubricant: MoS2, white solids
High Temp: 400°C
Low Temp: -25°C
Color: Black
Hazmat: Yes

Features & Benefits

Aerosol for ease of application
Superior protection against fretting wear & corrosion
Low coefficient of friction
Efficient conversion of torquing force to holding force
Wear resistance


Press-fitting - no chatter or stick-slip
Metalworking - prevents galling, welding and metal pickup
Assembly - reduces torque and tension variation

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