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Molykote™ CU-7439

Mineral oil based paste with copper as the solid lubricant. Offering anti-seize properties as well as pressure and corrosion protection. Commonly used for components that are subjected to harsh environments.




Product Overview

Particularly fitting for components that may be exposed to water, steam, or corrosion, this copper based anti-seize paste boasts a wide temperature range as well as excellent resistance to pressure, corrosion, and solvents.

Product Specifications

Product Type: Anti-seize paste
Chemistry: Mineral oil
Solid Lubricant: Copper
High Temp: 650°C
Low Temp: -30°C
Color: Copper
Hazmat: Yes

Features & Benefits

Excellent corrosion resistance
Excellent pressure resistance
Wide temperature range
Low evaporation
Resistant to water wash out
No drop point


Useful for components that must endure harsh environments such as high temperatures, high pressure, and/or corrosiveness

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