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Molykote™ L-0460FM Chain Oil

An ISO 68 mineral oil based oil with rust, oxidation, antiwear, tackifier, pour point depressant, and corrosion inhibited additive package. H1 certified for incidental food contact and commonly used on chains.




Product Overview

H1 certified for incidental food contact this ISO 68 chain oil oil has properties to prevent rust and oxidation (R&O) as well as prevent wear.

Product Specifications

Product Type: Oil
Chemistry: Mineral oil
Base Oil Viscosity: 66 @ 40°C
ISO Grade: 68
Viscosity Index: 100
Color: Clear to golden yellow
Hazmat: No

Features & Benefits

NSF H1 certified for incidental food contact
ISO 68
Reduces overall maintenance costs
- Extends time between oil drains
- Extends equipment life
- Reduction of energy usage
- Reduction of lubricant usage
Anti-wear capabilities
Rust prevention
Oxidation prevention
Wide temperature range
Pour point depressant


Commonly used on chains and in food machinery

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