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Molykote™ 557 Silicone Dry Film Lubricant (Aerosol)

The same as 557 Silicone Dry Film Lubricant except that it comes in aerosol form.


12ea Can



Product Overview

Created in an aerosol form to promote ease of application this colorless and nonstaining  dry-film lubricant offers unmatched release properties. Commonly used in cutting and forming metals, machining, and textiles, it can lengthen the life of tools and also reduce wear and friction

Product Specifications

Product Type: Dispersion & aerosol
Chemistry: Silicone
Solid Lubricant: Silicone wax
High Temp: 43°C
Low Temp: -40°C
Color: Clear
Hazmat: Yes

Features & Benefits

Aerosol for ease of application
NSF H2 approved
Remains as wax film after solvent evaporation
Nonstaining to paper or fabrics
Extreme pressure
Exceptional release properties


Metal cutting & forming
- Increases slitter-blade life
- Increases life of tools and dies
- Improves surface finish
- Reduces wear & nonstaining
Pulp & Paper
- Reduces friction and wear & nonstaining
Plastic & Elastomer
- Eeduces sticking and product contamination

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