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Molykote™ D-321 R Spray

The same as D-321 R except that it is in aerosol form to promote easier application.


12ea Can



Product Overview

Created for applications that require an easy spray on application, the aerosol form of D-321 R is well suited for a variety of metal to metal applications.

Product Specifications

Product Type: Anti-friction coating
Chemistry: Organic binder
Solid Lubricant: MoS2, graphite
Cure Temp: 20°C
High Temp: 450°C
Low Temp: -180°C
Color: Gray
Hazmat: Yes

Features & Benefits

Stick slip prevention
Aging resistance
Air cured
Suitable for high vacuum and extreme temperatures


Emergency lubricant for some wind energy components
Compatible with a wide variety of applications including:
- Toaster guides
- Cylinder-head bolts
- Adjustment components for car mirrors
- High voltage switches
- Running-in for highly stressed gear wheel

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