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Formulated for high-temperature, liquid-phase heat transfer in systems requiring bulk temperatures up to 500°F.




Product Overview

UCON™ HTF 500 is compatible with most common metals, including all steels, iron, aluminum, copper and copper alloys and is noncorrosive. 

UCON™ HTF 500 has been used in many high temperature applications and is often recommended by heating equipment manufactures. 

Product Specifications

Viscosity at 100°F: 62
Specific gravity: 1.038
Pour Point: -55
Boiling Point: None- nonvolatile liquid
Flashpoint (ASTM D92): 575
Fire Point (ASTM D92): 600
Viscosity Index: 200
Primary Chemistry: Polyalkylene glycol

Features & Benefits

High heat transfer efficiency
Water soluble
Fantastic materials compatibility
Long lasting
Lower maintenance costs
High flash point
High fire point
Easy to use with conventional equipment


Chemical processing
Laminating and calendaring rolls
Dies and molds in the rubber and plastics industry
Drying rolls and ovens
Die-cast zinc and aluminum alloys

Intended for use in closed circulating systems.

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UCON™ Polyalkylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids

UCON™ Polyalkylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids are formulated for high-temperature, liquid-phase heat transfer in systems requiring bulk fluid temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Their unique formulation allows for a trouble-free service life due to thermal stability in vented systems.

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