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A liquid diphenyl oxide/biphenyl blend with operating temperatures of 60°F to 750°F (15°C to 400°C) employing either liquid phase or vapor phase heating.




Product Overview

Eutectic mixture of two very stable compounds, biphenyl and diphenyl oxide
Mixture can be handled as if it were a single compound
Liquid phase or vapor phase heating

Product Specifications

Temperature: 60 to 750°F
Vapor Pressure: 152.02
Specific Heat: 0.373°F
Viscosity: 4.91
Density: 66.37
Freezing Point: 53.6°F
Flash Point: 236°F
Autoignition: 1139°F
Primary Chemistry: Biphenyl and diphenyl oxide

Features & Benefits

Most stable organic fluid available
Highest use temperature
Liquid and vapor phase
Mixture of diphenyl oxide and diphenyl
With low viscosity to minimize startup problems, and a freezing point of 54 F,
Can be used without steam tracing in installations protected from the weather


Used in production of nylon, PET fiber, PET resin, formaldehyde, vegetable oil, solar, refineries, lube stock, PAO

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