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Made with DOW PuraGuard™ Propylene Glycol USP/EP, monopropylene glycol with specially formulated packages of food grade industrial inhibitors that help prevent corrosion.




Product Overview

Regular DOWFROST™ inhibited propylene glycol (PG) DOWFROST™ is comprised of about 96% PG and 4% corrosion inhibitors.  All ingredients are food safe, that is to say they are classified as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by FDA and are approved as direct food additives. DOWFROST™ is the product of choice for the food processing industry.  It is undyed and has water white appearance. DOWFROST™ offers effective heat transfer over a slightly narrower temperature range than DOWTHERM™ fluids: from 0 F to 250 F.  The higher minimum recommended temperature for PG based fluids is because PG has higher viscosity and is more difficult to pump at low temperature.  DOWFROST™ inhibited PG can provide freeze protection down to -60 F.  

DOWFROST™ is offered in various concentrations and package sizes.

Product Specifications

Color: Clear
Propylene glycol-based fluid
Primary Chemistry: Propylene Glycol 

Features & Benefits

Propylene glycol-based fluid (96%)
Water white
Made with DOW PuraGuard™ Propylene Glycol USP/EP
Low toxicity - complies with FDA and USDA regulations
Operating range:
0 to 250° F for heat transfer
60° F for burst protection


Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Chill water & hydronic heating loops
Geothermal (ground source heat pumps)
Snow melt & Turf heating systems
Solar hot water heating
Fire water sprinkler systems
Food processing
Chilling of dairy products & beverages
Beer & wine (fermentation cooling)
Freezing of concentrated juices, meats, poultry & fish
Ice skating rinks
Cold storage, refrigerated warehouses & supermarkets (secondary loop)
Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

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DOWFROST™ Glycol Thermal Fluids

Dowfrost™ inhibited propylene glycol heat transfer fluids provide years of reliable corrosion protection in demanding applications, such as fermentation cooling, immersion freezing, HVAC, food and pharmaceutical applications, where propylene glycol solutions are preferred or required.

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