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A NSF-approved, propylene glycol-based fluid that is low in acute oral toxicity and widely used to depress freeze points in food and beverage processing and in other applications.




Product Overview

Dowcal™ N features a specially formulated corrosion inhibitor package and can be used for direct and indirect food additive applications.

Available in various package sizes and blends.

Product Specifications

Propylene glycol based fluid
Primary Chemistry: Propylene Glycol

Features & Benefits

Better freeze protection
Better corrosion protection in hot and cold systems
FDA-approved safe food additive
Compatible with commonly used elastomers
Long fluid life and low maintenance costs
Greater cost-effectiveness
Low acute oral toxicity


Used to depress freeze points in food and beverage processing and in other applications

Related Products

DOWCAL™ Glycol Thermal Fluids

DOWCAL™ Thermal Fluids are inhibited ethylene and propylene glycol heat transfer fluids that are produced from specially formulated industrial inhibitor packages and 100 percent virgin glycol with batch-to-batch consistency, ensuring years of reliable corrosion protection in well-maintained heat transfer systems.

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