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Krytox™ NRT 8805 Oil

Krytox™ NRT 8805 Oil is a clear, colorless oil for use in oxygen compressors and vacuum pumps.

Krytox™ NRT 8805 Oil has viscosity of 81 cSt @ 40°C.


0.5kg Bottle



Product Overview

Krytox™ NRT 8805 Oil is designed specifically for critical oxygen service equipment, where failure is not an option. 

Krytox™ NRT 8805 Oil is safe in use with oxygen and other chemicals, including fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and HF.  

Krytox™ NRT 8805 Oil allows for elimination of auxiliary systems to prevent fire and explosion.

Krytox™ NRT 8805 Oil extend equipment life, even in most difficult operating scenarios.

Product Specifications

Viscosity cSt @40°C:  81
Optimal Temperature Range °C: -40 to 160
Vapor Pressure torr @20°C: <1 x 10–7
Food Contact Approval: No
Primary Chemistry: PFPE

Features & Benefits

Krytox™ NRT 8805 Oil is safe for use with common acids, bases, solvents, and reactive gases. Compatible with common seals.

Krytox™ NRT 8805 Oil provides robust, soluble, anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance. There is no auto-ignition at temperatures up to 482°C in oxygen. No ignition at pressures up to 350 bar.


• Pulp and paper mills, and converting plants
• Automotive components
• Military and commercial aircraft
• Chemical plants
• Power plants
• Turbine generators
• Oxygen, chlorine, and reactive gas equipment and components

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