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Krytox™ GBO 14 UV Dye

This Krytox™ GBO 14 Oil with UV dye is recommended for use where an inert, nonflammable lubricant is needed.

Krytox™ GBO 14 UV Dye is a 40 cSt oil at 40°C.

UV Dye has been added to the formulation for easier leak detection.




Product Overview

Krytox™ GBO 14 Oil UV Dye is a high performance, extreme pressure, water-resistant product for your most demanding needs.   

Krytox™ GBO 14 Oil UV Dye provides stable performance in temperature extremes and is designed to reduce friction and wear, while extending equipment life in severe duty applications.   Krytox™ GBO 14 Oil UV Dye is extremely resistant to water washout for bearings, gear boxes and other equipment.

Krytox™ GBO 14 Oil UV Dye does not damage plastic or elastomer seals or cause corrosion to metals. It is nonflammable and safe for use in oxygen service.

Product Specifications

Base Oil Viscosity, 40 °C (104 °F), cSt:  50
Volatility, 24 hr, 100 °C (212 °F), %: 2.1
Base Oil Density, g/mL: 1.90
Primary Chemistry: PFPE

Features & Benefits

Krytox™ GBO 14 Oil UV Dye doesn’t carbonize and gum up with age to cause catastrophic failure. 

Krytox™ GBO 14 Oil UV Dye has been blended for use in cold to ambient conditions.

Krytox™ GBO 14 Oil UV Dye is inert and will not react with any materials it may come in contact with. Its polymeric nature is extremely resistant to moisture, so the lubricant stays in place during cleaning. Cleaners and disinfectants, both acidic and caustic types, does not affect them. Steam and high temperatures will not damage the lubricant.

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