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Krytox™ XP-1A1 Oil

Krytox™ XP-1A1 Oil products, formulated with soluble additives, are high-quality, ultra high performance, anti-friction and anti-rust lubricants.

Krytox™ XP-1A1 Oil for extreme pressure performance has viscosity of 8 cSt @40°C.


10kg Bottle



Product Overview

Krytox™ XP-1A1 Oil products are  formulated using patented soluble additives. In the past, there were no additives available for the oil, because of the inertness of the oil and insolubility of available additives.

The soluble additive won’t be washed away.
These patented additives enhance the performance of Krytox™ PFPE greases and oils, giving them improved performance properties. 

Krytox™ XP-1A1 Oil products will hold up under tremendous load conditions, preventing metal-to-metal contact and thereby reducing wear. The long-term anti-rust properties repel moisture, providing extra protection against corrosion of metal parts and bearing surfaces. 

Product Specifications

ISO Grade of Base Oil:  7
Estimated Useful Temperature Range, °C: –70 to 104
Base Oil Viscosity cSt @40°C: 8
Oil Viscosity Index: N/A
Pour Point °C: -70°C
Food Contact Approval: None
Primary Chemistry: PFPE

Features & Benefits

Krytox™ XP-1A1 oil will extend bearing and  component life. 

The anti-corrosion protection of the additive will reduce rusting, and allow longer grease and bearing life.

The extreme pressure additive protect bearings under high loads.

Bearings run quieter and wear less, because there are no solid additives to make noise.

This product also demonstrates excellent resistance to water washout when used in wet environments.


While Krytox™ XP-1A1 oils are inert and non-reactive to all elastomers, plastics, and metals, the soluble additives in Krytox™ lubricant XP products have not been tested with all materials. 

When in doubt, please contact your sales representative.

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