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Krytox™ L-150 G Grease

Krytox™ L-150 G Grease linear perfluoropolyethers (PFPEs) provide exceptional low volatility characteristics designed for use in semiconductor and aerospace environments.

Krytox™ L-150 G grade has a viscosity of 350 cSt @20°C.


Product Overview

Krytox™ L-150 G Grease linear perfluoropolyethers (PFPEs) provide exceptional low volatility characteristics for longer lubricant life.  

Krytox™ L-150 G  grade includes a anti-corrosion additive and has a viscosity of 350 cSt @20°C

Product Specifications

NLGI Grade:  2
Food Contact Approval: None
Useful Temperature Range, °C: –60 to 315
Base Oil Viscosity cSt @40°C: 150
Oil Viscosity Index: 212
Vapor Pressure Torr @20°C: 4 x 10–10
Pour Point °C: -60°C
Oil Density, g/mL, 24°C: 1.87
Primary Chemistry: PFPE

Features & Benefits

Krytox™ L-150 G Grease is compatible with most all materials commonly used in semiconductor environments, including metals, plastics, and elastomers. 

Krytox™ L-150 G Grease is safe for use around fuels and oxidizers and have excellent load-carrying capacity.

Krytox™ L-150 G Grease is an excellent choice for use in high or ultra-high vacuum and aerospace environments where particulate generation is critical, or where high or extremely high temperatures exist.


Surfaces to be lubricated with Krytox™ L-Series lubricants should be thoroughly cleaned before the grease is applied to remove organic rust inhibitors that could inhibit proper lubrication. These lubricants are extremely inert and will keep their lubricating properties, even after long periods of storage.

Typical applications include all bearings, gears, valves, O-rings and any moving components, including robotics, in cleanroom and aerospace environments.

Krytox™ L-Series linear greases are compatible with all plastic and metal components typically used in industrial applications.

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