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SuperTak® High Performance

Fast tack, fast grab, low soak-in spray adhesive specially formulated to bond polyethylene to itself, concrete block, wood, and many hard-to-bond surfaces.




Product Overview

SuperTak® High Performance Aerosol Adhesive may also be used to bond paper, cardboard, fabric, urethane foam, foil, metal, wood, and most plastics to itself and a variety of other substrates. It may be used for both permanent or temporary bonds.

Product Specifications

Color: White
Base: Synthetic Resin(s) and styrene butadiene copolymer mixture
Solvent system: Aliphatic (hexane), ketone (acetone), and methyl acetate
Solids: 34% ± 1%
Heat Resistance (Maximum Service Temperature of Cured Adhesive):
Constant Exposure: 120°F (49°C)
Intermittent Exposure: 210°F (99°C)
Physical/Chemical Resistance: Good Resistance to Oxidation, Moisture and UV
Approximate Coverage Rate: 161 square feet
Bonding Time:
1 surface bond: 4-10 minutes
2 surface bonds: 8-15 minutes
Odor: Strong mint-like when wet, none when dry
Clean Up - suitable solvents: Mineral Spirits
Density: 7.360 lb./gal.
VOC: 38.4%

Features & Benefits

For the strongest, one-surface bond you can get from a Bostik aerosol adhesive, this is the choice.
Controlled lace spray pattern applies itself precisely where you want it without misting or overspray.
High tack strength speeds product assembly.
Adheres to metals and most plastics.
Does not contain ozone depleting chemicals, methylene chloride or chlorofluorocarbons.
Meets or exceeds all Federal and Local VOC limits.
3-way adjustable nozzle.


Attaching carpet, door skins, and fabric in van conversions
Bonding swimming pool liners
Bonding various plastics to each other
Forming permanent bonds between porous and nonporous surfaces
Installing insulation
Permanently affixing name plates
Labeling applications

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