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Rust & Corrosion - Abandon Ship

Marine vessels and port equipment are in the perfect environment for large scale rust & oxidation.  Battling the constant risk of rust can be extremely costly and time consuming.  Ship 2 Shore has the solution to end the war on rust with their PLID technology.

S2S PLID Products 

These easy-to-apply rust preventative solutions protect key components and decrease the required maintenance time at dry-dock. 

Proven Protective Performance 

ASTM B117-18 is a standard test method for accelerated corrosion affects on metal surfaces.  The "Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus" results are essential to review when evaluating a new corrosion prevention coating or lubricant.  The images below detail the results of the HD PLID coating and the HD Wrap on steel plates and tubing after 1000 hours of exposure in the test chamber. (35°C ± 2°C and 5±1 part by mass NaCL to 95±1 part distilled water).   

PLID Wrap - Steel Tubing (1000 hours)

PLID HD - Steel Plate (1000 hours)

Float Coat - Application Method

Descaling & protecting marine ballast tanks used to be extremely expensive and time consuming.  The Ship 2 Shore Float Coat Application method makes the process pennies on the dollar & cuts down service time from several days to a few hours.  








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