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Harva-Zyme™ has been designed to increase micro-organism growth in soil to improve moisture retention and promote soil health, resulting in higher and more consistent crop yields. Harva-Zyme™ is a blend of enzymes that digests fertilizers and minerals in situ making them available to roots for better absorption.
Harva-Zyme™ can be applied directly to crops or diluted and then distributed through existing irrigation systems.

Harva-Zyme™- Enzymatic Solution for Increasing Crop Yield


Several challenges threaten the future of the agriculture market, from the effect of pesticides on the environment and human health to eroding agricultural land and rapidly increasing demand for crops.

Overcoming such challenges requires bio-based and non-toxic solutions that increase the yield of crops per acre and improve the resistance to evolving agricultural pests. Harva-Zyme™ has shown excellent results in improving crop yields while providing additional protection from insects and microbiological pests.

Harva-Zyme™ contains Chitinase which has been found to be a very effective pesticide and insecticide when used in crop protection applications. This is due to Chitinase's ability to degrade Chitin, a primary component in the cell wall of fungi and micro-organisms, as well as the exoskeleton of most insects and pests.

Potato Case:

Up to 40% increase in the crop yield with a significant reduction in crop rejects.


Alfalfa Crops Case Study:

Up to 18% increase in the crop yield per cutting and per year.



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