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MOLYKOTE® Food Safe Lubricants

Lubrication requirements for food & beverage manufacturing are far more complex than your traditional industrial lubricant. Incidental food contact, chemistry type, temperature range and water resistance all play a critical role in overall production and facility performance.  Learn how the MOLYKOTE® Performance Lubricants provide best-in-class performance for a broad range of applications and equipment types.

Why Use MOLYKOTE® Food Grade Lubricants?

Excellent Emulsification Resistance

MOLYKOTE® lubricants are engineered at the molecular level for maximum saturation, eliminating potential nucleation sites in the structure that allow for bonds to form with water. This results in an inherent resistance to water for the lubricant's life cycle — providing excellent protection for equipment requiring frequent washing and rinsing without fear of sacrificing lubricant performance.

Broad Temperature Range - From Freezer to Oven

Within the food & beverage industry, there are countless processes that require extreme cold and hot environments.  The MOLYKOTE® family of performance lubricants provide a range of H1 and H2 lubricants with robust temperature stability ranges:

NSF Food Grade

Temperature Range

H1 Approval -76°F to 302°F
(-60°C to 150°C)
H2 Approval -76°F to 482°F
(-60°C to 250°C)

Highly Refined – High Quality and Better Value

MOLYKOTE® High Performance Lubricants are well known for their highly refined and advanced base stocks.  These performance oils provide a range of real-world benefits for a demanding manufacturing environment including:
  • Extended Drain Intervals ► Reduced Lubricant Consumption & Expense
  • Cleaner & Longer Operation ► Increased Equipment Lifetime & Reduced Maintenance 

MOLYKOTE® Food Grade:
Performance Oils, Greases and Pastes 

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