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Krytox™ Keeps Production Rolling!

Next level textile finishing!

Krytox TM specialty grease delivers next-level performance in harsh and difficult environments found commonly in the textile finishing industry.  It is critical to use a lubricant that keeps production rolling yet it’s difficult to find a solution that can endure the harsh environments in the textile manufacturing world.  Not anymore.  Krytox TM grease protects your equipment, keeping your plant running on schedule and minimizing headaches around unplanned maintenance.

High Temperature

Krytox TM withstands extreme temperatures with minimal oil evaporation resulting in longer operating life and maintenance cycles. 

Common Applications
  • Godet Roll Bearings
  • Stenter Frame Chains & Bearings 
  • Rotary Joint Bearings
  • Singeing Processes (Plate, Rotary Cylinder, Gas)

Corrosion Protection

Krytox TM forms a protective layer on key components and resists chemical attack as the chemistry is inert.  Resulting in longer equipment life and minimizing concern for process steps in harsh environments.  

Common Applications
  • Steam Heater Bearings 
  • Mercerizing Processes (caustic/acidic environments)
  • Decating & Sanforizing Processes 
  • Chemical Finishing Processes


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