11/28/2020 5:29:13 PM

Can't Stand The Heat? Get Krytox™!

In today's food industry, production is at an all-time high and equipment is being subjected to longer run times in demanding environments. In high temperature food ovens there are multiple points of required lubrication to ensure production runs as smoothly as possible.  KrytoxTM grease has been formulated to help maximize equipment life, reduce re-lubrication intervals, and provide peace of mind.
The Krytox™ XHT series is extremely versatile and can be used to lubricate and protect a variety of components found in industrial food ovens.  A few examples customers have seen success in are, General Bearings, Oven Fan Shaft Bearings, Conveyor Belts, Shafts, Oven Chains, Baking Plates and much more. 

Customer's who have switched to the KrytoxTM grease have seen a dramatic increase in equipment life and minimizing the re-lubrication required during rotational maintenance. 


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